Information about End Of KS1 assessments

Here is a link to the video which we shared at the meeting informing parents about the End of KS1 assessments. If you have any questions, please come and ask your class teacher – we are here to help and support.

Information on End of KS1 Assessments


PCSO Lynda Jackson came to visit…

This  morning, PCSO Lynda Jackson came in to talk to us about staying safe online. We talked about the uses of the internet and how to make sure we keep ourselves safe when using the internet.

We discussed how we do not share our personal information on the internet such as our name, where we live or the school we go to.

We all agreed that the internet is a wonderful place and we can use it to find lots of information, play fun games and can be used to talk to our friends but we need to be responsible when we are using it. IMG_4386