Jesters and Jousting

This half term we are focusing on story castles and after half term we will focus on real castles. This will include a visit to Warwick Castle later in the term. To add to the excitement, we will have a dressing–up day on when we have a very special visitor, Sir Teachalot, visiting school. The children can come as a knight, king or prince, damsel, lady, queen or princess. This will be great fun and will also support work in history, English and art.
We will begin our new theme developing our storytelling skills, where we will take our inspiration from dragon based tales. We will be investigating features of the stories and writing our own versions. Later in the term we will be finding information about castles. Who lived there? What were their lives like? How were castles built? What were they made from? We will develop our research skills and will be presenting the information in a variety of ways. Spelling and grammar work will continue and will be focused on accuracy as we strive to use what we have learned in all written work. We will carry on practising joined hand writing and using it in more of our written work.


Who will the mystery reader be?



Y2 love having stories read to  them as well as reading to themselves. This term , we are running the Mystery Reader programme – our adults are coming in to school to read to us but there is a twist as it is a surprise who the reader is. When they arrive, the children curl up into a ball and wait for the Mystery Reader to get settled, then the children peek up to see who it is. The child who is related to the adult, then goes to sit next to the adult while they read. The book is chosen by the Mystery Reader and us usually linked to our theme.

Thank you to Arlen’s mummy who is pictured above 🙂

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