Year 2 Pond dipping

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAYear 2 have enjoyed dipping in the wetland ponds developed by Y3 and Y4.

Highlights have included finding newts, tadpoles, pond skaters and water snails.

We also used the Pond Scope.





All about teeth

Did you know that it is National Smile Month?

On Monday we were visited by Nicky Pascoe from Claydon Dental. Nicky taught us all about how to keep our teeth and gums healthy. We found out about good routines to get into and the damage too many sugary drinks and snacks can cause to the enamel on our teeth. We all got to take home a pack with helpful leaflets, a toothbrush, toothpaste and even a little timer.

Look at how the sugary drink has changed the surface of the coin!

Thanks to Nicky for an excellent session.

Money Magic

This week in maths, the children will be investigating money. The children will need to be able to work out totals of coins as well as working out change. They will be using their addition and subtraction understanding to solve money problems.

Here are just some interactive games to play with the children:

This is a good game as you can change how high the prices go.


Wonderful Warwick Castle

Yesterday, Year 2 went to visit Warwick Castle to gain  first hand experiences of life at a castle.  The day was filled with exciting things to enjoy.  We saw the magnificent trebuchet being fired, a range of beautiful birds of prey and an experienced bowman.  We had chance to explore the castle’s great hall and even get lost in the castle’s maze. What a day!

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